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Educational and Diverse Reading


Lorac Publishing House, has Educational, Diverse, Teen Books 

 "RACISM Young People Are Finally Having This Conversation" a group of diverse teens and young adults discuss the elephant in the room. The elephant's name is "systemic racism. The areas, in which they discuss are: systemic racism in Police Brutality, Criminal Justice, Housing and Homelessness, Employment, Health Disparities, The History of Racism, Internalized Racism and the Clashes Between African Americans and Black Immigrants. This is education at its best.

"Colorism Light Skin, Dark Skin, Long Hair Short Hair," discuss how four diverse teens view how people are treated based on the color of their skin and the length or texture of their hair. This is an education for teens and adults.

"Why's Everybody Always Bullying Me?" Four diverse teens discuss how bullying has taken the lives on many.  Through education, they learn skills and strategies to stop bullies.

"THICK BONES-Causes of and Cures for Teen Obesity," Discusses the journey of four multicultural obese teens.

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